HAPPY HORSE focuses on the most important phase in any horse’s training – the first phase, when the foundation is being laid.

It explains the best techniques I have discovered over my lifetime, plus what I have learned from the best in the world through observation, private consultation, books, videos and research. Every word in this e-book has hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars behind it. It is my desire to save you that time and money – because it sure takes time and money, and give something to the industry I am so passionate about.


  • It starts with the first day in the bull pen – joining up and bonding with the horse. The various techniques of lunging are being described as best I know how – the crucial groundwork. This is where the first steps of flexibility, disengaging the forehand and the hindquarters, backing, stops, flexion and total suppleness are being taught.
  • Various techniques of desensitizing are also being explained – getting the horse comfortable with noise, plastic bags, and especially allowing a human close enough to touch all over its body. Once the horse allows you into its space, you have made tremendous progress.
  • Getting the horse tacked up and mounted are being described as thoroughly as I know how, up to the first ride.
  • Special attention is given to one of the most important aspects of horse training – flexion and suppleness.
  • The theme of this book is predominantly based on two principles – confidence (trust) and respect.
  • A special chapter is devoted to vices and their remedies, such as spooking, pushing for home etc.. I intend to add to this continually.

Learning is a never ending journey. I have spent a lifetime of total commitment to gain the knowledge I share with you – how many times haven’t I been ignored and given a cold shoulder when I begged knowledgeable horsemen to share and to show. What I share is what I know, and after a lifetime I admit: I have so much to learn.

However, there are people out there who are just getting started. It is my sincere desire that I might have been of some assistance to you. May this book be a blessing to you.

Kind Regards,

Boeta Slabbert